Disadvantages of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a medical practice, or you can say procedure in which the reconstruction of patient’s body part is done by surgeons. The main focus of plastic surgery is on the reconstruction of defects in one’s appearance. Repairing of defects is done in it. There are so many people present around the globe who suffer from birth disorders, burns, trauma, and disease. To correct all these defects, patients go for plastic surgery. All the dysfunctional areas of patient’s body are corrected with the help of this type of surgery.  It is seen that some plastic surgeons also go for some additional training in this regard.

They also use to do cosmetic surgery as well. It also has some aspects. Same like cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery also has some very prominent procedures...

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Benefits of becoming a plastic surgeon

As you all know that a plastic surgeon is known to do a reconstruction of human physic, there are so many benefits of doing all this. Plastic surgeons have high plastic surgeon salary and specialization in the field of cosmology. Patients go to these plastic surgeons to correct their features regarding cosmetic appearance as well as the health benefit. Then plastic surgeons use different proved procedures of surgery to do so. All this is not that much easy because all plastic surgeons must have some special training along with the required education to become a surgeon. This training includes an undergraduate degree along with the residency program. This education should be in both plastic surgery and general surgery. There are multiple benefits if you become a plastic surgeon...

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Bariatric surgery severe risks

In the modern era, there are so many surgery procedures for the purpose of losing weight. It is considered as a very effective way to shed some extra pounds. Besides, all these advantages, the surgery procedure are attached with so many risks as well as complications. In this article, we are about to give you a basic information regarding all these risks and side effects of Bariatric surgery.

Abdominal discomfort

A very common side effect of this surgery is abdominal discomfort. Patients use to vomit on a frequent basis because of this surgery. It is so because, after this surgery, a patient is supposed to eat large bites very quickly. Because of this condition, a patient experiences abdominal discomfort.

Constipation and dehydration

Normally it is seen that patients of this surgery start ...

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All about Lasik eye surgery

LASIK is a very famous type of surgery. It is also known as laser eye surgery. It is very helpful for those people who suffer from low vision problems. Moderate vision problems are also treated with the help of this surgery. This surgery procedure is regarded as a very painless as well as quick procedure. Same like all other types of surgery, this procedure also has some complication tagged with it.

Who is best for LASIK surgery?

This question is very important as this surgery is not for everyone. There are so many factors on which the patient depends on. If you are suffering from low vision issues, then you are the best candidate for this surgery. Still, it is very important for you to discuss this surgery and your problem to a very reputed surgeon...

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